Corporate and Commercial Litigation

Corporate and Commercial Litigation Attorneys

Business relationships are not always free of conflict. Disputes can and do arise over a multitude of issues: payments, contract performance, employment terms, even the acts of competitors.

The corporate and commercial litigation attorneys of Chicago-based business boutique law firm Jordan, Kowal & Apostol have represented businesses in complex litigation matters in state and federal courts across the country. We bring a combination of strategic thinking, common sense and aggressive client service to bear on any commercial litigation problem so that our clients can get back to business.

Breach of Contract

Business contracts are an integral part of the corporate landscape, setting forth the rights and responsibilities of everyone involved. But conflicts over the terms of or compliance with those agreements may erupt, giving rise to litigation.

Breach of contract cases in the business setting commonly center on one of these issues and may involve application of the Uniform Commercial Code:

At Jordan, Kowal & Apostol, our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients in breach of contract cases. Our representation extends to companies that are either asserting claims as the plaintiff or answering the accusations as a defendant.

Commercial Litigation

Business litigation attorneys may be needed to pursue or defend other types of conflicts in the corporate setting:

Tortious interference with contract or business relationship
. When a third party, such as a competitor, makes false claims about a company that damages its reputation or interferes with a contract, tortious interference litigation may be pursued.

Some common examples of false claims are statements about a company’s financial health, the quality of goods and other actions intended to drive customers away.

Unfair and deceptive trade practices. Asserted under either state or federal law, claims of unfair and deceptive trade practices are typically filed by a buyer against a seller. These types of lawsuits may be filed in both consumer cases and in the business litigation context.

Some common examples of unfair and deceptive trade practices are false advertising, deceptive pricing and giving unrealistically low estimates for work and then charging extra to make up for the difference.

Shareholder lawsuits. Shareholder lawsuits aren’t limited to Fortune 500 companies. They may be filed by a shareholder in a company of any size, whether it is a public or private entity.

Claims that are commonly asserted in shareholder lawsuits include breach of fiduciary duty, breach of loyalty, dilution of ownership interest and valuation issues.

Director and officer liability. In addition to filing suit against a company, a plaintiff may name the business entity’s directors and officers as defendants.

Directors and officers may find themselves defending against many different types of claims, among them shareholder lawsuits, state and federal regulatory actions and civil lawsuits asserting claims of negligence or fraud.

Noncompete agreements. Noncompete agreements help businesses protect trade secrets and prevent key employees from competing against the company.

If a key employee leaves a company and sets up a competing business or joins a competitor’s company, a lawsuit alleging breach of a noncompete agreement may be filed to prevent the employee from using the knowledge, contacts and secrets gained during his or her employment against the former employer.

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