Business Bankruptcy and Financial Restructuring Overview

Business Bankruptcy and Loan Workout Attorneys

When a business is in financial distress, the path forward isn’t always clear. Is it best to try modifying existing loan agreements and devising debt restructuring strategies? Should the company try to reorganize within a Chapter 11 business bankruptcy? Or should the business wind up operations and liquidate as part of a Chapter 7 business bankruptcy case?

At Jordan, Kowal & Apostol, our business bankruptcy and financial restructuring attorneys have helped businesses, creditors, lenders and financial institutions answer these complex questions for more than 25 years.

We know well the pros and cons of each strategy. Our reputation for providing commonsense advice, creative solutions and aggressive client service has made us the counsel of choice for debtors and creditors both in and out of bankruptcy court nationwide.

Gregory Jordan, leader of the financial restructuring practice at Jordan, Kowal & Apostol, has represented a wide variety of clients, among them:

Jordan has also served as general counsel for a troubled financial institution and as the chief restructuring officer for a second lender. Jordan Kowal & Apostol’s financial restructuring practice includes several areas:

Loan workout. When a company encounters a temporary financial setback, it may be best to enter into a loan workout or loan modification agreement that is acceptable to both borrower and lender. Our loan modification attorneys, who are skilled negotiators, are aware of the legal implications of altering agreements, implications that others may not foresee. To learn more, visit out loan workout page.

Corporate bankruptcy. Whether a business needs to cease operations and liquidate as part of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy case or reorganize and restructure in a Chapter 11 business bankruptcy, the attorneys at Jordan, Kowal & Apostol provide a full range of services, from prebankruptcy planning through plan confirmation and postconfirmation matters. To learn more, visit our corporate bankruptcy page.

Business bankruptcy litigation. Disputes within the confines of a bankruptcy case may involve the debtor business, creditors, the trustee or even entities outside the bankruptcy case. Adversary proceedings, motions for relief of automatic stay and motions to assume or reject a contract are some of the most common types of bankruptcy litigation matters. The business bankruptcy litigation attorneys at Jordan, Kowal & Apostol represent debtors, creditors, lenders and others in a wide range of matters. To learn more, visit our business bankruptcy litigation page.

Financial restructuring and recovery. A company that has suffered a financial setback but wishes to continue as a going concern may need to restructure its operations. Whether the reorganization takes place within a Chapter 11 business bankruptcy case or is handled through an out-of-court arrangement, the business attorneys at Jordan, Kowal & Apostol have the financial restructuring experience needed to help a company, creditor or lender navigate the process. To learn more, visit our financial restructuring and recovery pages.

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